Sunday, October 13, 2013

Elks are roaming on Sequim's meadows

We told our Sequim Town visitors before about the herd of Roosevelt elks roaming in Sequim. Much to the delight of our visitors, not always welcome by the farmers who have to protect their crops from the seemingly always hungry elks.

Recently we read in the Peninsula Daily News that the connection between the collars and the signs on Hwy 101 does not always work right. We had noticed that in the past too but figured it cannot hurt to pay a bit more attention in case the elks are really close-by.

Our friends Erin & Kevin took some nice photos of the elks this summer and shared them with us. Enjoy the photos. Hope you can plan a Sequim vacation for summer 2014 and can take photos of the herd yourselves. Remember you don't won't to get too close to the elks. They can become quite aggressive, especially the bulls 'protecting' the herd.

If you have any questions about Sequim or a vacation in Sequim or moving to Sequim, Just leave a comment and we will answer you.


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