Sunday, December 25, 2016

The first snow in Sequim

No, we didn't have a White Christmas' but over a week ago we got our first snow to the delight of the kids and the dismay of the retired elderly generation of Sequim. Luckily for us the snow did not last long - 24 hrs at the most. However, it was definitely a surprise, after our last two winters didn't have any snow.

The special location of Sequim in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains provides us with plenty of blue holes in the sky and mild moderate weather throughout the year which attracts more and more people to the area. As said in our most recent  blog post the reopening of our Sequim Aquatic Center (now under the management of the YMCA) is a nice compensation for  the cold weather with gym, saunas, jacuzzi, FREE fitness classes and so much more. Those who have shown up at the Center to try it, get hooked up for sure.

Wishing everybody a Merry Christmas 2016!

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Sequim Y is open

The long waiting time of about 1 year for all of us active Sequim senior citizens is finally over with the soft and Grand Opening of the Sequim Y which has taken over the place of former SARC (Sequim Aquatic and Recreation Center). I can't emphasize enough how much we all missed our 'full work out' with the lap swimming, water aerobics, saunas and jacuzzi. The immediate sign-up of by over 2000 members proves this more than anything else. Finally, we can reunite with kindred spirit friends because 'Anytime Fitness' and 'Sequim Gym' had split our fitness community. Long story short, we are very happy to be back in our familiar fitness and aquatic center.

We are well aware of the changes the  Sequim YMCA had to take in order to make this a smooth operation and a long time financial survival possible. In the long run we see the close cooperation with the Olympic Medical Center' Rehab and the Y as a big plus. We also welcome the openness of the Y management to our feedback as former SARC members. As senior citizens on a fixed incomer we love that all fitness classes are FREE and included in the membership. I have joined the Tai Chi class with Michael, who has been teaching Tai Chi for 40 years. I love it. However, the are many more  fitness classes to choose from like: Zumba, Water Aerobics, Yoga, Active Older Adults and more. Why not giving it a try? Stay happy and healthy in Sequim with the Sequim YMCA.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Sequim Gyms & Fitness Centers

A while ago we reported here on our Sequim town blog that our beloved Sequim Recreation & Aquatic Center had to close its doors in October 2015. Basically because of mismanagement. Many months later we can finally share the good news with our blog visitors that the Olympic Peninsula YMCA in coordination with Olympic Medical Center, Clallam County and City of Sequim agreed to an alternative with the Y taking over management of the facility when reopening will happen In September 2016. SARC commissioners are using a$731K grant from the county's Opportunity Fund to replace the defunct air handler.

An additional grant by WA State Department of over $273K will be given if the Sequim Y (SARC) switches from propane to a heat pump system which would allegedly save gallons of propane and some $60,000 annually in money expenses. One wonders why PUD recommended a few years ago to switch to propane in the first place?! I assume with the anticipation of the expected savings, we'll soon see a consensus regards installing the heat pump system which might actually extend remodeling time into the middle of September.

Ever since SARC closed we joined, like the majority of senior citizens, the other available Sequim fitness centers. Keoki joined Anytime Fitness because his secondary health insurance AARP (United Healthcare) pays a considerable part of his membership fee.

As my secondary Health insurance Premera does not offer such a great benefit, I joined 'Sequim Gym' with their affordable rate and easy walking distance from our house. BTW, Sequim Gym efforts regards improving fitness, health & fun are very impressive: the gym offers over 30 classes a week at no EXTRA cost as part of the membership. Recently, some special classes were included (for an extra fee) addressing health issues like Parkinson's and Balance problems.

It's great to see how understanding, compassionate and helpful Sequim Gym instructors are. Feeling right at home there, will make it harder switching gyms another time in September but being an active swimmer the use of the lap pool is something I and many other seniors miss currently the most. Honestly, we are very much looking forward to finishing our gym workout again with swimming some laps in the pool, and relaxing in the saunas & jacuzzi plus reconnecting and socializing with all our SARC friends.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Photos from the Sequim Irrigation Festival 2016

The entire week we had the nicest summer weather in Sequim. Then Sequim Irrigation Festival weekend with the Grand Parade comes up and the weather changed totally around. It did not take away the spirit and enthusiasm of Sequim residents and visitors. Have a look for yourselves at the Downtown Sequim Parade in Washington Street:

Looking forward to seeing you at our next year's 122nd Sequim Irrigation Festival.

Monday, May 09, 2016

Sequim started its 121st Irrigation Festival

When Washington's longest running festival started Friday May 6th in Sequim, I was right there 'downtown' - not that Sequim visitors can get lost in our downtown area! I was actually going for one of my visits to the Sequim Gym, when I noticed the many tents already set up across Washington Street for the Saturday Farmer's Market with arts and crafts and many green veggies in pots - some still teeny tiny and others nice, big and juicy looking ready for harvesting.

Photo of cherry blossom trees in Sequim before the Irrigation Festival

For more information on the festival events this week, visit IrrigationFestival or SequimGazette. The Grand Finale Weekend this week includes the carnival, Sequim History Walking Tour, Logging Show, Truck and Tractor Pull, golf tournament and more. My favorites are the Fireworks on Friday night May 13th 9:30pm and the Grand Parade the next day May 14th 12 noon - 2pm.

Get an impression of the Grand Parade with our Sequim photos from previous parades:

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

To all our Sequim visitors 'Happy New Year 2016'

Happy Healthy New Year

May all your plans moving to Sequim work out the way they are supposed to

The early morning sun is hitting the clouds building up behind the Olympic Mountains.

A few minutes later the sky cleared up and the snow on Hurricane Ridge - our most visited sight on the Olympic Peninsula - sparkles in the sun.

Sun rise view from Sequim over another part of the Olympics - a feature which every home seller likes to list. The ever changing sun shine and cloud cover make the mountain views unique and special. We prefer those over the water views.

Sequim Town blog loves to hear from you. We are happy to answer your questions about a vacation in Sequim, life on the Olympic Peninsula, moving here, anything beyond our categories on the side bar. Scroll down the list: Sequim Relocation Resources, Moving to Sequim, Vacation rentals and B&Bs, Sequim Hotels, Vacation Highlights and more and you will find a lot of answers about Sequim.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Lucky we live in Sequim

Dear Sequim town blog visitors,
We can't believe it, our 10th anniversary of our life in Sequim is coming up on January 12th 2016. Time to celebrate! For all those of you who seriously consider to move to the Olympic Peninsula now or in the near future, let us tell you, we never regretted the move here one bit. Reading the news about nasty weather reports like tornadoes, snow storms, floods, icy roads and more in states like Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico make us even feel better. Visit Sequim, check it out and make your decision. We welcome new arrivals on a daily basis. Realtors are happy about the 'rush'.

New Railroad Bridge

We are closing the old year 2015 with some good news. In February the rain and high winds from a passing through storm damaged the Railroad Bridge at Dungeness River Auduborn Center and resulted in the closure of the bridge. As the bridge is part of the Olympic Discovery Trail and is frequently used by Sequim residents - we love our bikes past Sequim Airport to Robin Hill Park - and visiting bikers as well, the closure caused lots of inconvenience and detours. After about a 10th month waiting, the new bridge is completed (see my photos from Christmas Day). There will be a Grand Opening of Railroad Bridge steel truss trestle on December 30th at 1pm at the Railroad Bridge Park. See you there!

New riverbed of the Dungeness River

Location of Dungeness River before storm

Another big event negatively affecting the lives of hundreds of active, health oriented Sequim senior citizens happened when our beloved SARC Sequim Aquatic Recreation Center closed at the beginning of November - totally unexpected, we were promised by the board members that SARC will stay open at least till August 2016. Prior to the closure we attended a final meeting at the City Hall about the necessary closure. Hearing that SARC was working on its last reserves of about $20K(!), we were totally shocked and especially surprised when people in charge did not take responsibility for the failure by resigning from their position. This failure did not happen from one day to the next. No private business could have done that.

To cut a long story short, after lots of discussions and meetings of all the different entities - such as Clallam County, City of Sequim, Olympic Medical Center, Sequim High School - which realize how important SARC is to the healthy life styles of Sequim residents is, finally joined forces and a solution for SARC's reopening is in sight. Please, follow the discussions at the Sequim Gazette and at the Peninsula Daily News We are all very happy that a reopening of SARC has become feasible but we are very disappointed about the set time frame for July 2016. Til' then we signed up for two different gyms: Anytime Fitness offers AARP members (United Health) an affordable alternative but I signed up with the general affordable fees of Sequim Gym. Last but no least, forget about doing your swimming at the William Shore Pool in Port Angeles - they raised the daily fees FOR SEQUIM RESIDENTS from $3.50 to $10.50, which we consider totally unethical because the majority of Sequim residents are seniors on a fixed income.

We are looking forward to reuniting with all our kindred spirit Sequim friends at SARC soon.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Moving to Sequim Olympic Peninsula

Relocating to Sequim on the Olympic Peninsula has become a very attractive idea for many vacationers who spent a vacation in Sequim this summer 2015 for different reasons:

Why moving to Sequim?

Baby boomers are looking for the perfect place to retire...

Sequim offers the most moderate weather: mild winters & moderate summers

Tired of living in a big city? 
Sequim located between the Olympic Mountains and the Straits of Juan de Fuca 
offers country living with the amenities of big town box stores like Costco,
Walmart, Home Depot, Pennies and more.


There is a wide range of homes, condos, manufactured homes available at a 
 reasonable price compared to the rest of the nation.

There is no income tax! But sales tax of a bit over 8% on all non-food purchases
can add up easily. Property tax is a little over 1% of assessed value.  


The City of Sequim provides water, sewer, electricity by PUD and trash pickup
within city limits. Be aware that private wells and septic systems in rural areas
in the Dungeness Valley can be a costly expense for construction and maintenance.


Sequim is foremost a retirement town with needs for tourism, recreation and health
care. There is plenty of work to do for handy men, gardeners, yard & house 
work or nurses and nurses aids for home care or in rehab or assisted living         
facilities. Experienced realtor companies always look for independent co-     workers


Sequim High School offers quality education till 12th grade. Peninsula College   
offers adult classes in Sequim and Port Angeles.


The over 20 churches in Sequim represent most of the major denominations. 
The Sequim churches are a center for many social events around the year.

Fitness Clubs & Golf Clubs
Sequim senior citizens love an active life-style socializing with retired friends at   SARC, Sequim Gym or Any Time Fitness . Sequim residents may play golf in 
Sunland on the weekends or at any time at the 7- cedars resort golf course. See 

We love to answer your personal questions about 'Moving to Sequim' right here on the Sequim Town Blog when we feel our answer will be helpful for the big Move!

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Sequim Doubles Tennis Tournament

The tournament is sponsored by the Peninsula Tennis Club with proceeds to the Sequim High School Scholarship Fund

Come enjoy a day of fast paced social doubles

WHEN:   Saturday, September 12th, 2015  10 am -3 pm
                (Rain date Sunday 9/13/15, noon til 5 pm)

Where:    Sequim High School tennis courts.

Who:       Men and Women, all skill levels, No set teams.

Format:   Doubles format, but everyone enters individually

Cost:       PTC Members, $10.00 and bring a snack
               Non-Members, $12.50 and assigned snack



Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sequim Lavender Festival 2015

Welcome to all our visitor to the Sequim Lavender Festival 2015!

As usual Sequim residents get excited when the week of the festival is here. So here it is. Best news for the lavender growers, vendors and our Sequim visitors: the weather turned nice again with showing the fairly warm summer weather, which is much preferred to the unusual hot summer days in June and the beginning of July, which made the lavender bloom much earlier this year. No worries you will find still plenty of lavender to take home from Sequim with you.

Purple Haze Lavender Farm

What is new at this year's Lavender Festival?

***There won't be a Lavender Festival in the Park this year,

which we think is totally OK because the farm tours and the street fair will take all our visitors' attention anyways.

***Farm tours will be FREE this year! Seven great lavender farms are included in the tours.

***The Lavender Street Fair in Fir St will be the big attraction as usual with its abundance of stands by lavender growers and vendors of plenty of arts and crafts products. Not to forget plenty of food selection and entertainment will be available over the three day festival. Sequim is hosting the largest lavender event in North America. We are proud of it!

There will be fun for everyone. Come and and see!

Impression of the street fair